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What should you look for in outdoor lighting?

Planning for outdoor lighting doesn’t generally seem like rocket science. After all, you can head down to just about any home improvement store to grab a box of solar stakes to line your driveway or the path to your door, so what more could you need?

It turns out, quality landscape lighting can be just a little bit more involved than that. There are several factors to consider, from how long you want your lights to last, to how you actually want them to affect the curb appeal of your home. Most importantly:

Motion detector outdoor lighting

Water and weather resistance

It should probably go without saying that the lights you plan to place outside your home should be able to withstand the elements. But when it comes to quality outdoor lighting, not only do the fixtures themselves matter (e.g. materials like brass tend to have a longer lifespan than cheap plastic), the location also plays a part. Well-trained technicians should be able to place lights in a way that both complements your landscaping and also protects the fixtures themselves.

Motion detection

You wouldn’t want every landscape light on your lawn to be configured for motion activation, unless you were planning some sort of bunny-rabbit-themed rave. However, strategically placed motion detector lights are a huge plus for any household. Not only are they a benefit for security and a deterrent for any larger animals that want to take up residence in your backyard, they’re also the perfect helper when it’s time to take the trash cans to the road.


Landscape lighting synced to a timer is a great choice for people who take a lot of vacations, but these days the simplicity of a timed lighting setup makes it an excellent choice for many people. Timed lighting systems are a good choice when you want to be sure you’re arriving home to a well-lit house, or when it’s important to demonstrate a regular schedule.

Battery or generator backup

Most simple, out-of-the-box solar or outdoor lights are only as good as the life of the battery within. But when you start to consider a truly comprehensive outdoor lighting system, you don’t want to deal with your entire property going dark like a Christmas tree with a single burnt-out bulb.

High-end lighting professionals plan for your home’s landscape lighting as an overall system, with buried wires, efficient generators, and workmanship guarantees that don’t leave you hanging when half your lawn goes dark.

Motion detector outdoor lighting

Warranty protection

Of course the outdoor lighting you purchase should have a warranty. But when you look closely at it, what does the warranty actually guarantee? Will it replace a cheap plastic housing? Or will it do what a Frisella Warranty promises, and give you a lifetime guarantee on all transformers, and a 10+ year warranty on other parts?