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Lighting Our
Way In Ladue

Going above and beyond to bring our clients the best in custom outdoor lighting is what Frisella is all about. For this beautiful Ladue home, we used a variety of creative approaches to highlight the beauty and thoughtful design touches apparent throughout the home’s exterior and landscaping.

The homeowners initially hired our team after completing a revamp of their patio landscaping. Since then, we have worked with them in three separate phases as they’ve added new outdoor entertainment areas and a detached garage/ game room. The custom installation methods we use when wiring lighting systems make it extremely easy and seamless to continuously add onto what we’ve installed over previous years, without compromising the quality of the system.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Ladue

For this project, we were able to add lighting elements in phases as various aspects of the landscape and garage/ courtyard construction were completed. This Ladue home, and the grounds, are a beautiful blend of old and new. We were able to come up with creative solutions like running wires through old brick walls and patios or having fixtures painted in custom colors in order to keep them hidden and avoid detracting from the home’s appearance.

Ultimately, each of the lighting design projects we do is a labor of love, a chance to find a unique approach to enhancing your home and landscape’s beauty. For this project, we used second-story lighting, creative fixture placement, and moonlighting (downlighting with fixtures mounted in trees or other high vantage points in order to achieve a natural, moonlight-like effect). The end result is a home that truly shines, from the small design touches like the decorative second-story fencing to the illuminated courtyard area tucked into the home’s backyard.

Ladue, MO

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