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How Can Outdoor Lighting Enhance Your Home Security?

There are a lot of ways to keep your home safe, from locked doors to security systems to protective dogs. But no single element is enough to ensure complete safety. And safety itself can have a lot of different meanings these days – burglary rates have dropped dramatically over the last couple of decades.

Of course, quality outdoor security lighting still takes into account the potential for intruders: eliminating shadowy areas, incorporating motion detectors, ensuring your home is well-lit and doesn’t present an attractive target. But those aren’t the only benefits of security lighting:

Outdoor Lighting Timers


Whether you love your landscape lighting for the curb appeal it brings to your home, or for the security of knowing that unwelcome visitors don’t have a place to hide, at some point you’re ready for most of the lights to be done for the night.

Landscape lighting on a timer takes the work out of maintaining a daily schedule, but it can also do wonders for security when it comes to vacations. With a preset schedule – even a variable one – your home won’t look empty even when you’re off somewhere else enjoying a much-needed break.

Motion detectors

Motion detecting lights have been touted as an integral part of a security system for years – if not decades. But as great as they are at detecting human intruders, the value of a motion light goes far beyond that. Raccoons rusting your garbage cans? Coyotes prowling your back fence?

Motion detecting lights might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. And even if wildlife isn’t a concern on your list, you might just find that it’s pretty convenient to have a hands-free option that lights your way when it’s time to take your trash to the road each week.

Well lit home exterior

Environmental hazards

For many homeowners, the “big bad” when it comes to injuries and issues on their property comes down to outside influences – weather, animal life, even human intruders with bad intentions. But the reality is that most of the time, a simple misstep is all it takes to bring someone down.

Landscape lighting isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when most people think about safety around the home, but in reality, shadows, light, and visibility play a huge part in keeping your outdoor living spaces ideal for entertaining and not for injury.

Working with professional landscape lighting firms like Frisella Outdoor Lighting can not only help you present your home in the best light – it can also help you ensure that your outdoor lighting reaches all the spaces it needs to, and creates the right moods in all the right spaces.