Experience Your Home in a New Light with Custom Lighting Design

Frisella Outdoor Lighting has been working with home owners in the St. Louis area for more than a decade. People come to us for different reasons: they want to add to their home’s curb appeal; they want to increase security on their property by eliminating shadowy, underlit spaces; they want to make an impact for holidays, parties, or special events; or they want to show off their home’s unique features or architectural details.

Balanced lighting design is something you experience – it literally shapes what you see when you look at your home. Depending on your desires, we can highlight specific architectural features of your home, reduce the appearance of excess light from neighboring home, or make your property look 2-3 times larger.

At Frisella Outdoor Lighting, we pride ourselves on customer experiences and long-term relationships. We want to provide you with custom lighting solutions that will serve you well and enhance your home’s property value in the long-term. With high-quality products and a deep knowledge of various lighting products and styles, we’re able to work with existing landscaping and architecture to create gorgeous lightscapes for your home, whether for daily use or for a special event.

Our custom lightscapes are about more than just the visual appeal – and security – of your home. We choose products and approaches that ensure our lighting is in it for the long haul. We use only top-quality bulbs and fixtures. In fact, our most popular product line carries a lifetime warranty, ensuring that the next owner will enjoy your landscape lighting as much as you do.

Frisella’s unique HUB installation system allows us to use less wire and labor during installation, cutting down on overall cost and landscape disturbance. It also allows for easy add-ons, meaning that your lightscape can grow as your needs or preferences change. Our expert service technicians can correct small issues before they become huge headaches, keeping your lighting system running in perfect condition from season to season and year to year.

If you’d like to learn more about the impact professional lighting design can have on your home, give us a call today to learn more. We’ll show you firsthand how we apply various lighting strategies, including backlighting, shadowing, soft downlighting, dramatic uplighting, and more to elicit an emotional response and leave a positive impression.