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Service and Maintenance Plans

To ensure the best possible experience for Frisella Outdoor Lighting customers, we offer regular service plans that ensure your lightscape looks as beautiful as the day it was installed.  Our service team will review fixture placement, replace bulbs, check transformers, repair wires, test connections, and trim overgrowth around fixtures.

Regardless of your outdoor lighting system’s size or style, Frisella Outdoor Lighting offers a service package that can keep all types of outdoor lighting properly maintained and running like new.

Why sign up for a maintenance plan on your outdoor lighting?

Environments change season to season and month to month with different services taking place around your home or business each season to keep landscapes and building looking elegant all year. Also as landscapes mature fixtures will need to be adjusted to keep with the aesthetic of the original lightscape design.  Listed below are some reasons on why servicing is important:

  • Infrequent servicing leads to more wear and tear on your system as well as lengthier service calls when needed
  • Bulbs replaced come with a one year warranty from date of replacement
  • For non-LED systems, each bulb that burns out increases the wear on the rest of systems bulbs
  • Fixtures buried in the ground as well as the hubs that serve as connection points can overtime accumulate elements and be detrimental to bulbs and connections
  • Fixtures can move and/or block light output due to winter debris, freezing, and thawing
  • Seasonal mulching may leave fixtures buried, bumped, moved, or damaged without your knowledge
  • After leaf drop and leaf removal, fixtures can be bumped, moved, or damaged without your knowledge
  • Plant growth during the growing season can block light output impeding lighting portrait

Contact Frisella Outdoor Lighting today at (314) 287-2566 to book a service review or report an issue with your system.  If you haven’t settled on an outdoor lighting solution yet, request a free design consultation and find out how we can add elegance, safety, and value to your home or business.

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