Choosing an outdoor lighting solution will make a tremendous difference in the appearance of your home, business, or landscape.  Before making such an important choice, it is important to understand what truly represents high quality outdoor lighting solutions.

Beware of Bad Outdoor LightingHigh Quality Lighting is not:

  • Two flood lights blasting a house or building with light
  • General illumination coach lights or big box store lighting
  • Obtrusive
  • Does not make walkways or driveways look like a runway if properly spaced and the right type of fixture used
  • Up lighting beneath windows
  • Glare-producing fixture placement

High quality outdoor lighting is:Frisella Lighting

  • The use of specially designed fixtures in a wide range of applications to bring out features of your home, business, or landscape that may not stand out during the day;
  • The controlled use of light and ambient light to create the subtle lighting illusions for your home, business, or landscape;
  • Creating illusions to show depth, height, and make homes around you disappear by drawing your attention to the lightscape’s focal points.

Facts about lighting:

  • Outdoor lighting can make your neighbors disappear. Your eyes are naturally attracted to the nearest light. By highlighting a tree, shrub, fountain, or other feature along the perimeter of a property, your eyes subconsciously focuses on that nearer light;
  • There is a big difference in the quality of outdoor lighting systems! Your outdoor lighting designer and contractor should consider only the highest quality systems available, regardless of brand. If a contractor is tied to only one or two system brands, how can you be sure they are offering only the highest quality system?
  • The 12-volt lighting systems that most installers still sell are a thing of the past. Sign up for a free consultation and see how Frisella Outdoor Lighting’s efficient LED and incandescent systems set the bar in outdoor lighting quality.
  • Cheap lighting systems can be maintenance nightmares, safety hazards, and an eye sore in the day time. With a properly installed, high quality system, you can avoid the pitfalls traditionally associated with lesser alternatives.

Frisella Outdoor Lighting’s free design consultation will help you navigate your outdoor lighting options and find the highest quality solution for your home, business, or landscape. Contact Frisella Outdoor Lighting today at (314) 287-2566 to request your free outdoor lighting consultation!

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