Commercial Lighting

A professional lighting plan from Frisella Outdoor Lighting enhances the safety, security, and aesthetic appearance of your business or commercial development in the evening.  Frisella Outdoor Lighting’s commercial lighting solutions save your business money by utilizing durable, energy efficient fixtures and lamps, preventing accidents, and improving the overall security and appearance of your building.

Often businesses tarnish their brand by utilizing cheap, harsh lighting after business hours.  Find out how your business can install a safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solution by contacting Frisella Outdoor Lighting at (314) 287-2566 to request your free design consultation.  Frisella Outdoor Lighting ensures all of the outdoor lighting goals of your business or commercial development are met.

Safety Lighting: The safety of your customers, employees, and visitors is a primary goal of any commercial lighting plan designed by Frisella Outdoor Lighting.  Proper pathway lighting, stairway lighting, and area lighting keep unnecessary accidents from happening on your property.

Security Lighting: Proper outdoor lighting is one of the most effective deterrents to crime. Frisella Outdoor Lighting’s commercial lighting plans make certain vulnerable areas such as doorways, windows, and hidden coves are properly lit to prevent damage.  Placing our tamper-proof security lights high keeps criminals or dangerous animals from disabling the lights without warning.

Energy Efficient Lighting: In any economic environment, your business is out to keep costs down.  Frisella Outdoor Lighting prioritizes energy efficiency without compromising the aesthetic quality of your commercial lighting plan.

Contact Frisella Outdoor Lighting today at (314) 287-2566 for a free design consultation and find out how we can add safety, security, and energy efficiency to your business or commercial development.

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