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Styles & Effects

Frisella Outdoor Lighting understands that each outdoor lighting project calls for different solutions. As a result of your free design consultation, you can expect a custom lighting solution for your home or business. Frisella Outdoor Lighting’s custom lighting plan will highlight your landscape, architecture, and outdoor living spaces with elegant solutions that appeal to your specific tastes.

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Lighting styles utilized in Frisella Outdoor Lighting plans include:

Pathway Lighting: Well lit pathways are both inviting and safe for your family and guests. Frisella Outdoor Lighting includes ensures your pathways enhance the outdoor experience and accessibility of your home or business.

Step Lighting: Stairways are often the most architecturally appealing area in a lightscape while simultaneously being among the most dangerous. Proper step lighting allows you to enjoy the architectural beauty of a stairway while making certain it is safe for you and your guests.

Wall Wash Lighting: Bring new life and character to your home by accenting the textures of wall surfaces with soft, even lighting.

Mirror Lighting: Illuminating an object near a body of water, causing the object’s reflection to appear clearly in the water.

Area Lighting: Illuminating large areas greatly expands your outdoor living space after the sun sets. Entire backyards and landscapes normally ignored after dark become fully accessible for entertainment and relaxation with proper area lighting.

Up Lighting: Pointing fixtures upward creates dramatic lighting and shadowing effects on architectural features. When used properly, up lighting can transform your home into a palatial work of art in the evening.

Down Lighting: Pointing fixtures downward is essential to proper area, safety, security, and special effect lighting. When installed correctly, down lighting is an elegant an unobtrusive solution to lighting large areas without casting unappealing or unintended shadows.

Spot Lighting: Many homes and businesses have masterful architectural and landscape centerpieces that lie hidden after dark. Spot lighting highlights the best features of your home or business to ensure visitors share grand experiences both day and night.

Shadowing: Casting shapely shadows against textured surfaces can add character and depth to any landscape or architectural feature.

Silhouetting: The use of silhouetting in your lightscape enhances depth perception and creates an elegant accent to your home’s features.

Moon Lighting: Soft lighting from a tree or other semi-obscured area can create the illusion of moonlight at all times of the month. Moon lighting is one of the most subtle and elegant ways to enhance your backyard, deck, or patio and gain more useable space after dark.

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