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Outdoor Lighting

Frisella Outdoor Lighting offers the latest LED lamp technology for new and existing lighting systems.  An LED system offers brighter, more durable, and energy efficient lighting for your home or business. Whether you are considering a new outdoor lighting solution or interested in converting your existing system, LED lamps offer a number of benefits when compared to traditional halogen bulbs.

LEDs are:

  • Longer lasting: LED lamps last significantly longer than halogen bulbs because they don’t use a filament that can burn out;
  • Safer: LED lamps are safer because they run much cooler when compared to traditional bulbs;
  • More Durable: All Frisella Outdoor Lighting LED lamps come with either a 2-year or 5-year warranty, depending on the model selected, compared to a 1-year warranty for halogen bulbs;
  • Energy Efficient: LED lamps offer a 75-90% energy savings compared to halogen bulbs. This energy savings significantly offsets the cost of converting a traditional system in the first year. Alternatively, with lower energy costs many homeowners can afford to install more fixtures throughout their system offering a more elegant outdoor lighting solution.

Measuring LED Light Quality

As with all new technology, it is important to understand how you can measure the quality of your LED lighting system.

While LED lighting offers many benefits over halogen bulbs, the light produced is measured using different methods than conventional lighting systems. When discussing LED outdoor lighting, two important measures of light quality you should understand include a lamp’s Color Rendering Index (CRI) score and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT).

  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) Score: An LED lamp’s CRI score measures its ability to reproduce light relative to an equivalent conventional bulb. CRI scores can range from zero to 100 with higher scores representing more accurate color. LED lamps with a high CRI score (above 80) offer the beauty of accurately rendered light color with the energy efficiency, longevity, and safety of LED technology.
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): LED lights can produce light across a wider range of color temperatures than traditional bulbs. The color temperature at which LED light is emitted has a significant effect on the ability of a lamp to accurately reproduce light. All Frisella Outdoor Lighting LED lamps are engineered to consistently produce light at appropriate correlated color temperatures.

Frisella Outdoor Lighting uses the highest quality LED lamps for new systems and halogen system conversions. All of our LED lamps are tested against the top industry standards with CRI scores at 82 and above. Frisella Outdoor Lighting LED systems offer brilliant light, bright colors, and accurate dispersion when compared to halogen bulbs.

Contact Frisella Outdoor Lighting today for more information about using LED light at your home or business. If you already have a Frisella Outdoor Lighting system, be sure to contact us and investigate how LED lamps can offer you substantial savings over the life of your system.